Sport Vision

Visual solutions for athletes and weekend warriors.

The experienced team at Whitehouse have road tested their range of sports eyewear, so they know what works. And they are keen to share their expertise with you. Amongst our Team we have enthusiasts in tennis, golf, cycling, a Masters rower, pistol shooter, a keen angler, bushwalker and several gardeners. A variety of pursuits all enhanced by clarity of vision, UV protection, glare minimisation and the latest anti-fog technology.

If you go to your limits during sports, you have to be able to rely on your equipment. Perfect equipment also means the right sports lenses. Only with optimum vision can you have more fun, greater success and better safety in your chosen sport.

Good vision is vital in all sports and tailored sports eyewear can really help to improve your game. If you normally wear prescription lenses, only with sports glasses that incorporate your prescription, can you recognise natural hazards, your team mates or signs – and react to them in time. Suitable eyewear will also protect your eyes from injury due to foreign bodies, from conjunctivitis and UV radiation.

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Sports Specific Lenses

We offer a variety of options for single-vision sports lenses. These lenses are specially designed to be light, break-resistant for safety, and to give you clear vision to the edge of your lenses. Vision can also be enhanced with a variety of tints which boost contrast to give you a clear picture of the track, ball or court. A popular option is Rodenstock’s Impression Mono Sport®.

Progressive Sports Lens

High quality sports lenses are also available for those wearing progressive lenses. Several companies we source from provide special progressives designed especially for athletes.

Lenses can be customised for your preferred activity and lifestyle. For example, normal multifocals are excellent for many activities but not golf! However by widening the “sweet-spot” to increase peripheral vision and boosting intermediate-range vision, a customised multifocal is created with a clearer, far more natural visual experience.

Depending on your passion, sports lenses can also include a number of unique features such as durability and contrast-enhancing tints.

Because Whitehouse sources from lens specialists such as Essilor, Hoya and Rodenstock we are able to fit nearly any lens into a sports frame and give you a customised option to suit your lifestyle.

Protection against the wind

Did you know that the human eye can cope with wind speeds up to 10 kph? Beyond this your eyes water and visibility is reduced. Curved lenses protect your eyes and improve vision even when you’re travelling fast or in high wind.

Adidas Light Stabilising Technology

Look Sharper with Tinted Lenses

In Australia, bright sunlight and outdoor living combine to produce squints! Bright sunlight, as well as rapid transition from light to dark have in impact on your concentration and can damage your eyes. We recommend Adidas Light Stabilising Technology to prevent eye fatigue and enhance sporting performance.

Different activities draw on your vision in different ways. Tinting your lenses can maximise performance because it enhances your vision. At Whitehouse we can tint your lens to give you the best vision for whatever your passion is!