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Need a spare pair of Spectacles as back up?

We appreciate that in these uncertain times you may be watching your spending, so we extend this offer:

$100 off your frame + $100 off your lenses when you spend $249 or more on your frame or sunglasses.

Maximise this offer by combining it with your Health Fund Optical Rebate.

You may be aware that Whitehouse Optometrists use only premium lens laboratories. We have been advised that some of our suppliers may close temporarily due to Covid-19. If you intend to order a spare pair of glasses please contact us by email or phone ASAP.

Lens offer applies when you purchase a frame and prescription anti-reflection lenses.
Frames & sunglasses must have a minimum value of $249 before discount.
Offer ends July 31, 2020 unless our supply chain becomes an issue.
Not valid with any other offer.

In need of Alcon contact lenses? Alcon have extended this offer to you

Purchase 2 x 90s packs of either Alcon PRECISION1 or DAILIES TOTAL1 sphere contact lenses & receive a $90 cashback from Alcon. Plus free delivery to your door.

How does it work?

1. Phone or email Whitehouse Optometrists to place your order and confirm your delivery address.
2. Submit a cashback claim @ with a copy of the receipt.
3. You will receive the cash back within 28 days in the form of a pre-paid EFTPOS card.
You will receive a claim ID, so you can track your claim.
Purchase by 12 July and claim by 26 July 2020.

Experience you can Trust Since 1927

Our Technology

We have invested in cutting edge technology developed to help us detect eye diseases early. Good eye health means much more than clear vision and sharp focus. Our technology can in some cases detect health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure that relate to retinal abnormalities.

Frames & Lenses

We want you to walk away from Whitehouse Optometrists totally satisfied, with an improvement to your vision solution, whether you choose prescription glasses or contact lenses. We provide a great range of solutions for any issue and a variety of brands to choose from.

Our Experience

Since 1927 Whitehouse Optometrists has provided expert optical and eye health care for generations of families in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Our team comprising optometrists, optical dispensers and an on-site optical mechanic, each have over 15 years’ experience in their field.


  • Eye Checks

    Regular eye checks are important for visual comfort and to detect eye disease. Regular checks keep your vision sharp as it changes over time but at Whitehouse Optometrists we look deeper. We also test your eye health using three kinds of advanced scanning including the latest OCT technology. Our instruments allow us to detect eye health issues, and in some cases general health issues that relate to retinal changes, before they become problems.

  • Glasses & Contacts

    We offer frames from the most innovative international brands to provide you with the latest styles and technology. This includes an extensive range of designer sunglasses and specialty sports eyewear.  We source the latest contact lenses for optimum comfort and eye health.

  • Your Visual Profile

    Every eye is different and so is every individual’s lifestyle and visual needs. At Whitehouse we are committed to understanding your specific visual needs based on your work, leisure activities and eye condition. We are then able to use our extensive experience to source the latest technology internationally to find a solution that suits you. This may include specialised frames, lenses, contact lenses or a combination of solutions.

  • Speciality Services

    Whitehouse has particular skills in some clinical areas. These include dry eye, refractive problems, special-purpose lenses, children’s vision,  and low vision including low vision aids. We have an on-site optical mechanic to do in-house repairs and adjustments. All our staff are experts in their fields and have extensive experience.

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