FL-41 Tint & low vision tints

Specialised tints can improve your vision and your life.

We can supply tints that improve contrast for those with low vision.

Research has shown that a medical tint called FL 41 filters certain wavelengths and thereby relieves painful light sensitivity. The Whitehouse Team, in conjunction with one of Sydney’s leading neuro-ophthalmologists has successfully trialled the efficacy of FL-41, to assist in the treatment of headaches, photophobia, blepharospasm and dizziness. Migraine sufferers have found a reduction in their symptoms with the use of FL-41 tints for general use or for specific tasks. Patients who are extremely photophobic, for example following cataract surgery, (to the extent that they want to wear sunglasses indoors), may also derive relief from FL41 tints.

We offer a free trial of non-prescription FL-41 lenses. We tint the lenses in our on-site tinting lab and can adjust the shade according to the severity of the symptoms.

We supply a range of tints that improve contrast for those with living with low vision. The typical symptom of a low vision patient is a world that appears darker. These tints, by increasing contrast,  brighten their world.