Prada Glasses Sunglasses Sydney CBD

Prada glasses Sydney CBD.

Absolute quality, constant innovation, respect for tradition. These are the foundations of the House of Prada.

Prada was established in 1913 by Mario Prada. He began by selling shoes, leather handbags and trunks. In 1979 Muccia Prada the granddaughter of Mario Prada took over the family business and took it in a new direction.

Prada has always been distinctive, not only for its high standard of quality but also for its forward-thinking approach and style. Prada products are identified by their very strong character and uniqueness. Whilst being cutting-edge and modern, Prada often throws back to more traditional looks and somehow ties them together to create the unique style of this fashion house.

Prada sunglasses reflect the central themes of the brand, understated but contemporary luxury, with unique detailing and quality construction.