Digital Retinal Imaging

Optometric equipment changes over time and we believe its important to look at how new technologies can improve the eye health of our patients. One key innovation that we have adopted is Digital Retinal Imagining which offers a superior view of the eye. This means that some problems that may be missed in a normal optometric consultation can now be identified.

DRI is an advanced technology that produces an image of the rear part of your eye. A digital image is produced of the retina, macula, optic nerve and retinal blood vessels to give us a very close picture of your eye and allow us to asses eye health. Retinal imaging can be used to asses your eye health showing evidence of glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye diseases. It can also detect diabetes and melanoma.

Fundamentally, the equipment consists of a high quality digital camera attached to a powerful microscope. The camera can see through the pupil to focus on the back of your eye producing the image. The technology allows immediate examination of results but the other main use of the technology is to get a baseline reading of your eye. Everyone’s retina is different, having a high quality photo as a reference can help us notice any changes in your eye help us identify any problems early when treatment is most effective.

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