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Whitehouse Optometrists really care about Children’s Vision

Children have special needs when it comes to glasses. Frames need to be light and durable, comfortable to wear, as well as attractive. Children wearing glasses for the first time need to feel confident wearing their glasses. Whitehouse Optometrists have a comprehensive range of children’s glasses including brands not found elsewhere in Australia. Being proudly independent, we source only the finest quality frames to meet the demands of today’s children and adolescents. We use only the best quality impact resistant lenses to maximise the visual result. Our expertise in providing a perfectly fitted frame will make all the difference to your child’s overall vision and reduce trips to the Optometrist to adjust slipping frames!

Whitehouse Optometrists have an on-site Optical Mechanic. This is rarely found in modern Optometry practices, but it allows us to make adjustments and repairs to children’s frames on the spot!

STEP 1: Make an appointment for an eye examination; or Bring the prescription from your child’s Paediatric Ophthalmologist.

We work closely with Paediatric Ophthalmologists located in the City, North Shore and Westmead Children’s Hospital to design visual solutions that work.

If you do not have a prescription, our Optometrist Mary Deligianni conducts eye examinations for children.

With the increased use of digital technology, Myopia Management is an emerging issue for children’s vision. We are working closely with our key suppliers who are at the forefront of treating this progressive disease.

STEP 2: Select the right Frame

“A perfectly fitted frame is vital for your child’s vision and involves several complex measurements. The frames we have sourced from all over the world are the best I have ever worked with and cater for all facial shapes and sizes.” Mary Deligianni, Optometrist

What we demand from the frames we stock:

  • A range of fractional nose fittings, so frames don’t slip off the nose.
  • Feather light so they’re super comfortable and eliminate nose indentations.
  • Super flexible and durable; they bend and twist in every conceivable way.
  • Antibacterial and Hypo-Allergenic, so they’re safe for the most sensitive skin.
  • Colours for all including transparent, pastels, bright, patterns and tortoiseshell.
  • Sizes to suit the tiniest baby face to the most fashion conscious teenager.
  • Comprehensive range of boys and girls frames in modern shapes.

STEP 3: Select the right Lens

“Good vision sets our younger clients up for life. Lenses are chosen based upon the child’s individual needs and we use only the best quality impact resistant materials for safety and to maximise the visual result. It makes all the difference.” Mary Deligianni Optometrist

What we demand from the lenses we use:

  • High quality lenses to correct optical distortions.
  • Anti-scratch for active kids and first-time wearers.
  • Ultra tough composition for safety.
  • Lenses that provide clear, sharp vision in every direction.
  • Flatter and thinner lenses that significantly reduce the unwanted magnification effects.
  • Lighter lenses to reduce weight on children’s faces.
  • Anti reflective coatings to allow more light into the eye and better vision.
  • Anti-fog lenses for clear vision.
  • The newest version of Transition lenses in 7 shades to better colour-match frames.
  • Multifocals and bifocals in a range of designs for special prescriptions.

Sun and Sport Protection

We stock sunglasses for sport or outdoor fun.

Protective Sports Frames for active sports eg soccer, AFL and rugby. These can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Prescription swimming goggles to suit all prescriptions.

If you would like any more information please contact us. We are always happy to discuss your child’s specific needs.

Contact Lenses for Children

We stock Contact Lenses for all ages including babies.

We provide handling and fitting instruction for your child with the utmost patience.

We fit contact lenses for sports’ wear.

Children’s Brands

Learn more about the wide range of children’s brands that we stock.

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