Children’s Glasses

We have one of the largest ranges of children’s glasses in Sydney. We source frames from all over the world to meet the demands and durability required in modern children’s glasses, and have found that our exclusive range of children’s glasses rarely need re-adjusting. We also carry Miraflex frames to fit infants, toddlers and young children, and Babiator sunglasses in polarised and non-polarised options.

Our expertise in providing a fitting makes all the difference to your child’s vision and reduces trips to the optometrist to adjust slipping frames!

Children have special needs when it comes to glasses. Frames need to be light and durable, comfortable to wear, as well as attractive. Children wearing glasses for the first time need to feel confident wearing their glasses.

We work closely with paediatric ophthalmologists to design visual solutions that work. We also have an on-site Optical Mechanic. This is rarely found in modern Optometry practices, but it allows us to make adjustments and repairs to children’s frames on the spot!

“A perfectly fitted frame is vital for your child’s vision and involves several complicated measurements. The new frames we have sourced are the best I have ever worked with and are available in fractional fittings to cater for all facial shapes and sizes.”

Geoff Matthews