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Living in a Digital World

The human eye evolved under very different circumstances than those we live in today. Most people use their eyes for a vast number of close tasks every day: reading, close work and ever increasingly, tablets, televisions, computers and smartphones.

Many people are not aware that these screens are back-illuminated, that is, they emit light. Furthermore, this light is different in composition to natural or even artificial light, in particular the percentage of blue light is much higher. While blue light is part of the natural spectrum computer and TV screens are a powerful source. Excessive exposed to blue light can cause red and irritated eyes, headaches and fatigue.

Light is also an important signal your body uses to regulate its natural sleep cycle. The light spectrum from the sun changes throughout the day naturally and your body uses this to regulate its rhythm and to wind down your body to rest at night. Concentrated blue light, especially in the late evening (for example, caused by working late or watching TV just before you sleep) can confuse your body producing sleeplessness. Your eyes send signals to your body that it is daytime, waking you up!

It’s difficult to change your lifestyle and it seems like digital screens may become more and more part of our lives. But if you have to use computers a lot in your life and you already wear spectacles, you might consider some of the new lens coatings available. These coatings have two important effects. They neutralise blue light proving more comfortable vision as well as more natural colour perception when you are using digital devices.


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Vision & Ageing

Vision & Ageing Vision at 40 40 is a key age for vision and eye health. From your forties on it is normal to experience some changes in your vision. Some of these changes can be very easily treated but from your forties on you are also at much higher risk of eye disease. Early […]

Eye Diseases

Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions Many people experience vision problems are a result of eye conditions. The four main eye conditions are very common and vision can easily be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. It is important to note that your vision changes through your lifetime and while some eye conditions are hereditary others can develop as […]