How To Care For Your Glasses

When fitting and prescribing lenses we take great care. A multifocal lens is very complex, with a number of different prescriptions included in the same lens. To achieve this affect they are carefully ground. When fitting lenses we analyse many factors to ensure good vision as lenses must not only be cut perfectly but sit perfectly in a frame on your face to ensure optimum results. That’s why we choose frames that suit your face, but also your visual needs. That’s why we adjust your glasses!

We select high quality frames that are unlikely to deteriorate over time, but sometimes old frames don’t fit so well and sometimes you may bend your glasses or sit on them by accident! If your frames don’t sit in the right position on your face they can be uncomfortable to wear but also, they can have serious impact on your vision.

We understand it’s not always convenient to visit the optometrist and get your glasses adjusted so what can you do yourself to ensure you are getting the best results from your spectacles?

Firstly, always clean your glasses correctly. We provide free cleaning cloths with every pair of glasses we dispense. These cloths are specifically designed to clean lenses without scratching them or damaging lens coatings. (They also work very well for cleaning computer screens!)

Secondly, don’t wear your glasses on your head! Frames are designed to sit on your nose and can be bent out of shape if you always rest them on your head. Equally, don’t bend them yourself. Frames bend to some extent for durability and to fit individuals but they should be adjusted by professionals. You may make a problem worse or even break your glasses if you  try to bend them yourself.

Another tip: be careful where you leave your glasses when you take them off. If you can, put them in the case we provide (this is very important if you are putting them in your pocket or bag – you will scratch them like this!). If you aren’t using you case make sure the lenses are face-up.

We understand that accidents happen! So if you have a problem and are worried your glasses may be damaged or you notice a change in vision, give us a call. If you want to drop-in we happily adjust your glasses for optimum comfort and vision free of charge.

We can also professionally clean your glasses (both lenses and frame) as well as repair any wear and tear – missing screws or damaged or missing nose pads.